søndag den 19. februar 2017

The Vegan Tote

It was love at first sight when my sweet (vegan) friend Lone spotted this 'Tropical Leaves' fabric in our local Stoff & Stil shop some months ago. We didn't buy the fabric back then, but she let me know that a tote in that particular fabric was on her wish list. The perfect print for a vegan - so of course I had to order some to surprise her.

Recently Stoff & Stil launched some new patterns - among them a pattern for a super simple tote bag. In fact the pattern includes two different tote bag versions. I remember Lone mentioning something about a zippered version, so that's the one I chose to make for her. It's a very easy pattern. Beginner friendly. It's an unlined bag and the most tricky part would be installing the zipper. But, as I've mentioned before I'll take a zipper over button holes any time! I was surprised to learn that the tote has a little inside pocket. Great detail. I did place the handles at the top of my tote and not all the way down the bag as suggested on the original pattern. That's the only small change I did.

The Vegan Tote was very well received by the new owner the other day and I'll definetely make a version for myself as well. I have some pretty floral fabric begging to become a tote.

torsdag den 9. februar 2017

Laure Dress by StraightGrain

Oh, the joys of beeing a sewing blogger's child.

The occational bribes and a potential pneumonia - that's just part of the routine when you're trying to please your blogger mum who has (yet another) oh so important deadline.

'Of course I'll pose bare armed in the snow for you, mum - anytime'!

No kid was harmed during the photo shoot, I promise. It was cold but fast. And to sympathize with Wilma I wore flipflops during the shoot. Our sessions are mostly done just outside our house and last for about 3 minutes. Tops!

The Tattooed Snow Queen is wearing a slightly modified version of my sweet and talented friend An of StraightGrain's newly released pattern the Laure Dress.

The Laure is a mix-and-match pattern with multiple dress, collar and sleeve options.

Laure is first and foremost inspired by the Qipao Dress which dates back to 1920s Shanghai. A truly beautiful design - and I will definetely try that version at some point. I have just the perfect fabric in mind.

Wilma doesn't have that many tunics/blouses to wear with her beloved jeggings at the moment so I decided to turn the Laure into such. The pattern does not include this shorter version but it's so easy to adapt. I simply cut the dress at waist length and added the (shortened) skirt that comes with the drop waist version of pattern. Et voila - a Laure Blouse.

This is the 'fine mandarin collar and cap sleeve' version of the pattern.

The pale pink cotton fabric from Stofdepotet has a subtle silver thread down the stripes. It's almost linen like in the structure. Adorable.

I've got nothing but love for An's patterns. They are extremely well drafted and the instructions are so great and detailed.


Be sure to visit these amazing ladies to see their versions of the Laure Dress.

mandag den 30. januar 2017

Butterick B6370 Coatigan and a sack...

I always have room for one more coatigan. Always. And this one is a bit different from the coatigans I usually sew.

Butterick B6370 is very loose fitting and has a front that extends into a draped collar. A couple of darts in the front (hidden under the collar) add a little shaping and hold to the collar. The coatigan is unlined but designed with a front facing. I skipped the facing - didn't have enough fabric - and just did a couple of flat felled seams and hemmed the front instead. I used a rather light weight wool blend for the jacket.

I really like the outcome. A camel colored coatigan is always a good idea, right?!

The dress. Well, if the coatigan is simple I don't know how to describe the dress. Four seams, friends, four seams. No hemming.

I was supposed to do a Vogue V1482 with this beautiful pale pink pleated satin from The Sweet Mercerie. I had the front cut out when I realised that I didn't have enough fabric! So, I had to be creative and make my own and super simple cocoon sack dress.





onsdag den 25. januar 2017

Sewing Happiness - 2017 Winter Tour and a giveaway

Beautiful. That pretty much sums it up.

This book is a beauty from the beginning to end - the words, the photos, the illustrations, the colors.

This (beautiful) book is not only about sewing. As described by the author herself: It's (also) a personal story about unexpected transformation. It's about how sewing saved and altered Sanae Ishidas life when she was diagnosed with a chronic disease and on top of that lost her corporate job back in 2012.

The book includes twenty simple projects. So, if you're new to this sewing business this truly is a great (and beautiful - did I mention that) book to start with. Sanae will teach you how to make  origami pillows, adorable tooth fairy pillows, baby kimonos. pouches, camera straps and dresses just to mention a few. And you'll want to make it all.

The book is divided into four chapters - summer, fall, winter and spring. Each chapter starts with a little personal essay about how sewing - and a healthier life style - brought back happiness and well being to her life.

The origami pillow described as deceptively complicted-looking. At first I wasn't sure about the deceptively part, but of course Sanae is right. The (beautiful) pillow is really easy to make. It's all about sewing straight lines. So why not make two when you're at it.

I made a pillow in a solid pale pink (surprise) woolen fabric and a reversible one in ash rose/tree print. I want to fill my home with these beauties.


Random.org has chosen a winner - lucky no 29 aka Sheila Johnson. Congrats :-)


Want to make such a (beautiful) pillow for you own sofa? Or perhaps a (beautiful) dopp kit for the man in your life - or a (beautiful) infinity scarf for yourself?! All you have to do is leave a comment below. The winner will be picked by Random Generator when the tour is over.

Sanae is generously offering a signed copy of 'Sewing Happiness' to one of my followers. And the lucky winner will also receive a 45 Euro gift certificate to German based 1000stoff

Thank you, beautiful Sanae, for letting me play along. Be sure to visit the other ladies on the Sewing Happiness 2017 Winter Tour.

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torsdag den 12. januar 2017

Tween sized 'Alexandria Trousers' and more velvet...

Tween sized Alexandrias - how about that, huh?!

Well, she still needs about 24 cm before she reaches the height the Named Clothing patterns are designed for, but hey, my 150 cm tall soon to be 10 year old rocks these pants anyway, right?! They're full length and not the designed ankle length cropped on miss W - and I did have to take the smallest size 32 in a bit, but that's it.

The fabric is french terry in a beautiful vintage rose color from The Sweet Mercerie

The top is a little self drafted thing with a side seam split in a gorgeous rose colored liquid velvet.

Yes, more velvet and more to come - and yes, she's also wearing a matching velvet scrunchie.



torsdag den 15. december 2016

Velvet Dress

'She wore bluuuuue(ish with a hint of gray) velvet'...

Gorgeous color, right? There's really not much to say about the design. A slightly cocoon shaped dress with curved hem and high neck. It's all about the fabric.

It began with a green kimono a few weeks back and now this little number. But I promise/warn you, friends, this is only the beginning....I want all the velvet, Santa!

onsdag den 23. november 2016

Wilma's coatigan.

A vest, that's what's missing in your wardrobe, Trine. A long, oversized striped vest. Good idea, me!
Cut cut sew sew. Meh. Wrong length and wrong something with the draped front. No, not the drape. Wrong fabric for the design. Dammit.

Hmmm, what to do?! If you unpick a little here, cut here, use the front facings for sleeves - with a seam down the top of the sleeve or else you won't have enough fabric - then maybe you'll be able to turn this failure into an oversized coatigan for Miss W instead. It has to work because the fabric is soooo good.

Happy dance. It worked. I used a pattern from B-Trendy Magazine as base - lengthened the pattern a bit, drafted different (huge) pockets et voila. A gorgeous new oversized coatigan for Wilma. Perfect for the Danish fall.

The shirt is from Zara and the jeggings from H&M